They are custom fit, engineered foot and arch support inserts easily transferred among your shoes and boots.

These custom made orthotic insoles help to relieve foot pain as well as back, shoulder, neck, and knee pain, as well as tired aching legs, hip problems, flat feet (dropped arches), heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, sports injury, hamstring tightness, growing pains, corns, calluses, bunions, and tendonitis.

How can C.F.M. ORTHOTICS help me with all these problems?

Your feet are very important. When functioning properly, these wonderful devices are our body's shock absorbers and help determine the alignment for our skeletal and muscular system. A biomechanical problem in our arch can affect total body function. Fit specifically to each foot, our ORTHOTIC helps realign the foot, supporting and correcting where necessary. Maintaining a healthy well-balanced foot will help relieve pain and fatigue throughout the entire body.

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      C.F.M. Orthotics are a complete custom foot and arch support system.
Serving Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and across Canada.