C.F.M Orthotic Information

 Why are C.F.M. Orthotics unique?

CFMO is very proud to update our orthotic manufacture to include the availability of gait analysis, 2D and 3D pressure data, and foam box casting under the supervision of the medical staff of The Orthotic Group. (We will still be offering our original Custom-Fit orthotics with which we have been so successful with for so many years.) Our new technology will give our clients an option in their orthotic care and the ability to have their orthotics covered by their health insurance if they so desire. The gait analysis technology will only be available on site but we will continue to offer our custom-fit orthotics online and to our on-site clients as well. We are very pleased to be able to offer our clients a choice in their orthotic care.

C.F.M. Orthotics were developed after years of research by European engineers studying foot biomechanics. This resulted in the development of an Orthotic that will train your foot into a more correct position.

What activities can they be used for?

Standing, walking, working, shopping, dancing , exercising, jogging, running, aerobics, backpacking, bicycling, climbing, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, skating, skiing, weight lifting, playing all sports.




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